Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions are mentioned regarding the site which involves the use of the Delta Ski Fly website.

If you are using the Delta Ski Fly website then you agree to the following terms and conditions:


If you want to buy any service or product from the website then you are required to provide certain information that is linked with your credit card number, the expiration date, the shipping details and a lot more. If you are using the site then you ae making a confirmation that you are legally authorized for using the cards or any other sort of payment method that you are using. You should know that the data you offer here should be correct, complete and even accurate.

Promotions and Contests

Any competitions or promotions if happen are available with different terms of service. It is important that you read about the relevant rules, terms and conditions before you decide for anything.

Content on the website

The content that you find on the site belongs to the Delta Ski Fly booking. If you have no permission, then you are not allowed to redistribute the information or repost it or copy it, or make use of it in any other format. You cannot use it for any commercial or personal gain as well.

Prohibited usage

The use of the website is limited to the terms. You are not allowed to use the website if:

Also, you agree not to employ service to cause any damage by its use to others so that they are unable to participate in using the site.

Do not try to copy any material from the site in any sort of written form. Do not utilize any device, routine or software of the site.

You are not allowed to introduce any sort of virus, worms, logic bombs or trojan horses into the software. You do not have the access to attempt ny sort of interruption, damage, disrupts the parts of service, computer or any other stuff.

Intellectual property

If you are using Delta Ski fly then you cannot retain the ownership of our website. The service is protected. It has a copy right, trademark and foreign laws. You need to authorize to the trademarks in case you have to use the service, product and any sort of trademark.

Copyright policy

We acknowledge how the intellectual property rights are important along with the material that is posted on the platforms. If you are a copyright owner then you are authorized that your work has permission to constitute the infringement. Moreover, it also provides the descriptive account of alleged information.

You need to be clear that you are liable for any sort of damages that happen. In case of submitting the bad claim of copyright infringement, regarding the content available through the service.

Changes to service

We use the authority to cancel or modify any service or material. We offer you prior warning to be held responsible for any inaccessible thing if it occurs. Also you are restricted to access the certain parts of the website.


We can revise the terms of service any time. So it is your responsibility that you review them. Moreover, if you are using the site then you are obliged to agree to terms of service. You are suggested to visit the page on a regular basis and stay informed about it and any modifications if there are.

So, you can access Delta Ski Fly anytime, but make sure you follow the terms and do not make any harm to the website or its content in any manner.