Delta airlines Pet policy


If you are the one who wants to travel through air with your pet, then you are at the right place. Because you will get to know about the best offers and deals if you are travelling through air with your pet. If you are the one who wants a smooth travel experience, good rates then you need to book your tickets with the Delta airlines so that you get the best offers and deals on Delta airlines Pet policy

You surely love your pet and you would want that your pet is taken care of. So make the prior arrangements for your pet. There will be all the carriers involved and in case you want to shift the pet from Delta flight to the Delta connection then you need to confirm the booking 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

There is need of enough time to make the transfer for the arrangements between the two carriers in ensured by doing that.

Pets to Hawaii Travel

We surely know that when your pet is travelling through any part of the world you need extra care for that. When you go through Hawaii as well it take extra care of your animals. This is due to the unique ecosystems. If you are travelling to Hawaii with your pet then you need to ensure that your pet has inoculation certificates and it is dated 10 days prior to the travel. So, if it is not having the certificate then it will not be accepted with the carry on baggage.

Moreover, you need to know that the delta airlines does not allow pets on non stop flights.

Hawaii Quarantines

All cats and dogs are subject to quarantine for 120 days. Moreover, the pre, post and arrival requirements need to be met. If all this is done only then your pet will undergo 30 day quarantine. Cost are charged by the owner and there are various methods that you can use for that which includes cashiers check, money order and much more.

International Pet Travel

When you are travelling internationally with your pet, then you need to know the strict regulations that are followed for the pet arrival. Remember that you need to make arrangements for your pet in advance. The delta embargo applies to all the live household animals and these can be transported in the cargo with the domestic network.

Follow these steps before you travel:

  • Contact the embassy or consult the country to know the rules and regulations for the pets.
  • Obtain all necessary paperwork.
  • Contact the veterinarian to see if your pet is in full health or not.
  • Check the CDC to know about the importing of pets.
  • Check with the APHIS about the international rules and regulations.


There are a lot of frequently asked questions about the policy that one should know. These are mentioned below.

If you are the one travelling with your pet then you should ensure that you pet fits in the small, ventilated pet carrier in the seat in front of you. One pet is only allowed per kennel and these are the following exceptions for that, one female can travel with her un weaned litter.

It costs around $95 to fly with your pets with delta airlines if you are flying in domestic flights. For the international flights, the fees is $200. So, if you are thinking of travelling with your pet then you should be aware of the fees.

Your pet needs to be small enough so that it fits around the kennel, and it can sit directly in front of you. Moreover, the dimensions of the kennel in which you can carry your pet is determined by the flight. You can contact the delta airlines to get the appropriate kennel size.

If you want to take your dog on a delta flight then you need to ensure that it fits into the kennel or the carrier. The carrier must fir under the seat. The carrier of the pet can be soft sided or hard sided but it needs to be leak proof.

No, Delta Airlines does not give you that option.

Yes, surely flying is quite very stressful for the dog, but you can reduce these by introducing some comforts for your dog. Ensure that the flight is non stop rather than the changeovers. This will give you a huge benefit to the dog.

Yes, as per the delta airlines, if you are bringing your dog along then you need to ensure that the pet can join you on your lap or below the seat.

If you are adding a pet to the flight then for that you need to do the following:

  • Contact the reservations at least 48 hours prior to the flight.
  • Check in with the your official trip.
  • Complete your check list with the agent.
  • Take the health certificate along.

The main cabin can accommodate up to five carriers. And there is one accommodation for the carrier. So, you can surely take your dog with the first class flight but contact the flight 48 hours prior to the flight.

Yes, Delta permits you to take your dogs along with you. Travellers flying with the pets have valid health and vaccination certificates which are useful for the flight.

When you have a pet in your cabin then you have to pay the fee for that. Moreover, if you are bringing your pet along then you wont be able to bring another carry on item, as you already have a carrier.

Dogs ears are sensitive to the air pressure. Therefore, this can cause pain or discomfort to the pet. If you make your pet comfortable on the flight or provide it with lots of water, then it can help with the symptoms.

If you have a dog of 40 pounds then it is too large for the flight. Besides this, very small pets are trained and certified to accompany their owners in the cabin.

Pets can be easily transported on the same flight as you are. There are some carriers which can be used to carry the pets. Pets can even be shipped as cargo and there are various cargo, departments employed for the movement of the animals.

All pets need to have the up to date vaccination. A health certificate is issued to the pets who can fly, they need to get the rabies vaccination.

Yes, Delta airlines allows you to take your pets along with you.

Dogs suffer from anxiety when they are on a plane. Also, most of the dogs become stressful and aggressive.

So, if you are willing to fly with your dog on the plane then you need to go through the above- mentioned tips. Book your tickets with the Delta airlines and avail the best discounts and tickets.

Travel safely with your dog easily and conveniently with Delta airlines.

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