What is a Delta Airlines boarding pass How do I get


First, one should remember to collect the boarding pass before flying on an airplane. You must collect your boarding pass to stop at the security checkpoint at the airport. Thus, you won’t be allowed to board a plane. If you are flying with Delta Airlines, there are some ways you should collect your boarding pass. Knowing about the delta airlines boarding pass collection process can make your trip smoother. So, we will discuss some boarding pass procedures in detail.

What Is Delta Airline Boarding Pass Procedure

  • A boarding pass is a document any airline provides before flight departure on the airport check-in.
  • With the help of a boarding pass, you can enter any restricted area of the airport.
  • The boarding pass states a passenger’s flight name, identity, flight departure time, and date.
  • Like any other airline, Delta offers various ways to collect boarding passes.

How do you collect a Delta boarding pass

To collect the boarding, one can follow the below-mentioned processors:-

  • Online Check-In Procedure.
  • Check-In Counter Procedure.
  • Mobile Check-In Procedure
  • Self-Service Procedure

Delta Airlines Online Check-in Procedure

  • You must visit the official Delta website to get the delta boarding pass online.
  • You can complete the online check-in procedure 24 hours or 30 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Search for check-in in the headers or click on the “My Trips” option.
  • Then, enter your flight confirmation or SkyMiles credit card number to get your boarding pass.
  • Follow the mentioned steps to get your boarding pass online.

Delta Airlines Self-Service Option

  • If you still need to print your boarding pass from home, find the Delta airline kiosk at the terminal.
  • After that, enter your SkyMiles credit card, debit number, or e-ticket number.
  • Then, choose your flights from the itineraries option displayed.
  • Finally, the kiosk will print the Delta Airlines boarding pass.

Delta Airlines Check-In Counter

  • You can print your Delta Airline boarding pass at the check-in counter if you can’t print it in any other way.
  • You must provide your identification details and flight information to your check-in attendant.
  • Then, you will get the boarding pass from the check-in counter.

Delta Airlines Mobile App

  • You can quickly check in using the delta boarding pass app.
  • Thus, passengers must install the Delta mobile app to complete their boarding procedure smoothly.
  • After installing the app, you need to search for the Check-in option on the Delta app.
  • Then, enter all the necessary details, such as identification, flight name, and more, to collect the e-boarding pass.
  • Download the e-boarding pass on your device.
  • You can quickly enter the airport reserved area after showing the e-boarding pass.
  • Thus, the Delta app makes flight booking and reservation convenient.

What are Delta Airlines Boarding Zones

  • Delta offers a particular boarding order for every flight so you can depart on time.
  • To avoid extra hassle and rush, Delta offers nine separate boarding zones.

Types of Delta airlines boarding zones

  • Delta Airlines offers nine different types of boarding zones are as follows:-
  • Preboarding
  • Delta One or First Class
  • Delta Diamond Medallion
  • Delta Premium Select
  • Delta Comfort+
  • Sky Priority
  • Main Cabin 1
  • Main Cabin 2
  • Main Cabin3
  • Basic Economy

What is a Priority Boarding Zone

  • This boarding zone is allowed only for the elite status holders and the premium cabin members.
  • The premium cabin includes Delta Comfort+, first class, and Delta One cabin.

We have discussed some of the types of boarding zones here.

Deltas Premium Select

  • The premium economy cabin is there in only specific aircraft.
  • You can use this type of cabin mainly on international flights.
  • This type of seat comes with comfortable seats and upgraded meals, too.

Delta Comfort+

  • Delta Comfort+ has extra legroom seats in front of the main cabin.
  • You can get free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options here.
  • Also, you will get a priority boarding facility on this seat.

SkyMiles Select

  • Here, you can enjoy benefits like priority boarding and more.
  • You will also get the free drink vouchers under this facility.


  • It is a branded check-in option available for priority check-in and boarding only for the SkyTeam airlines.
  • It’s the sixth boarding zone below the Diamond Mediation level.
  • Most of the elite status flyers have to wait for this boarding zone.

Main Cabin 1

  • You can quickly fly with this boarding zone if you have a SkyMiles co-branded credit card,
  • This type of boarding zone also includes lower-level or elite-status passengers.


Even collecting your delta airlines boarding pass print is easy and smooth. Delta offers various options to manage your boarding pass before flight departure. Thus, flying with Delta is so much easier and hassle-free now.


There are 10 boarding zones, including the pre boarding option on Delta Airlines.

No, the first boarding zone is for the first class or the Delta One group on Delta Airlines. Next is the Delta’s Diamond Medallion group.

You can get priority boarding facilities by flying in a first-class cabin or getting the SkyMiles elite status membership.

The first class or Delta premium zone includes the first class customers or the Delta premium class customers.

This boarding zone includes certain things like:-

  • Platinum Medallion Membership.
  • Gold Medallion Membership.
  • Flying Blue Platinum and Gold Members.
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.
  • SkyTeams Elite Plus Membership.
  • Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold Members.

The Boarding 1 cabin includes the following:-

  • Silver Medallion Membership.
  • Delta Corporate Travellers.
  • Priority Boarding Trip.
  • Delta Gold Card Holders.
  • Delta Business Card Holders.
  • SkyTeam Elite Members.
  • Flying Blue Membership.
  • WestJet Rewards Silver Membership.

The Delta 2 cabin mainly includes the main cabin passengers who are not elite-status club members. Also, this group does not have any premium co-branded credit cards.

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