How can i Get information Delta airlines infant policy


When it comes to traveling by Delta Airlines with children, you can travel with a kid who is up to 14 years old, or an infant under 2 years old. So, knowing Delta airlines infant policy will make your journey enjoyable. In the post, we will discuss the entire process that will assist you accordingly.

If you are traveling with infants there is a need to know about infant policies. Before booking a flight within Delta, you should visit the airline portal to know the infant policies. If you have made new parents, it can be difficult to travel with a newborn.

What is Delta airline infant policy?

Delta airline is known for its amenities and well-trained staff that take care of passengers beautifully. If you are traveling with kids, choosing Delta airways is your best decision. Here we will discuss the regulations of flying with infants and how you can reserve a seat for your infants. Let’s read here-

  • If your kid is under 2-year you can fly with Delta without paying kids flight charges.
  • In case you have above the age of 2-year kid then you have to pay his or her ticket charges.
  • You have to carry FAA approved car seats.
  • If you are planning to fly within more than one child then you have to purchase a ticket as per their age.
  • Delta airline offers a policy for the age of 5-to-15-year kids known as Delta Airline Unaccompanied Minor.

How can you book ticket for your infant using Delta airlines infant policy?

You can take your kid in your lap if she or he is less than two years old. Therefore, there is no requirement to book additional seat. But you have to add your infant in the reserved flight booking. The infant seat reserve policy is simple. You have to just follow the below-mentioned instructions-

  • First you have to go to the official website of the Delat airways.
  • Now tap on my trip option.
  • You have to put in your flight confirmation code and your name.
  • Now in the menu choose a special service request.
  • Tap on the open option showing the infant in the arm section.
  • Now tap on next to request in arms to include your kid.
  • After that fill all the needed information and press the confirm button.

What about the Delta infant age policy?

Here we are telling you about the age restrictions within Delta Airline. It will help you to avoid further inconvenience.

  • If the infant you are taking with you is younger than eight days. A doctor's note attesting to the infant's fitness for flight is required if the newborn is less than seven days old.
  • However, there is a cap on the number of newborns per adult that Delta Airlines will allow. Persons above 18 years can accompany two infants only under 2 years.
  • Two-year-old children may only go with their parents or a guardian. The airline unmaintained program does not provide benefits to children under the age of two.


  • Regardless of age, your child needs a passport if you are traveling abroad. Remember to take your child's birth certificate copy. It will be a valid proof for parental relationship or the child's age.
  • If your kid is 7 to 10 days old then you need an approval letter from you. The letter should clearly should mentioned that you can fly with infant

If your child comes under the category of baby in arms then you do not need to pay any extra charges as per Delta infant rules. But if your child is above to two year you have to buy a ticket for her or him. To further guidance you can read Delta airlines infant policy.

Infant policy delta airlines stated that Children under the age of two do not need a ticket. According to the FAA, but that means your infant will ride on your lap. You might not be able to hold your infant safely in your arms if there is instability or worse. Check with your airline to see whether you may utilize an empty seat if you choose not to purchase a ticket for your youngster.

As per the Delta infant rules only one lap-held one adult passenger per FAA safety regulations may carry a child. A seat has to be booked for the additional infant if an adult passenger is traveling with two infants. On domestic flights, infants using a seat must have a ticket and pay the full fee.

  • Infants under two years old who sit on an adult's lap are admitted free of charge on domestic Delta Airlines flights.
  • Children of any age traveling within the United States are not eligible for reduced flights on Delta Airlines.
  • When taking an overseas trip with a baby on your lap, the reduced infant cost is typically 10% of the adult fare plus any applicable foreign taxes or levies, which can add up to a substantial amount.
  • Depending on the kid's age, Delta may provide lower child prices when reserving reservations for them on foreign flights.
  • When seated on an adult's lap, babies under the age of two ride for free on domestic Delta Airlines flights. The aforementioned lower baby cost applies to flights abroad.

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