Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy


Delta airlines helps you to get best bookings done for your flights and the next vacation that you are planning. You can book easily with the Delta airlines and get the best offers and deals. There are cases when you get the travel plans changed. For that, you get the options of Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy your ticket prior to the departure date. You can apply for a refunds as soon as you cancel the ticket. Moreover when you are booking your tickets make sure that you go for the refundable tickets. In addition to this, if you have booked the ticket just 24 hours prior, then cancel as soon as possible to get the full refund. You can even get the 24 hour risk cancellation offers.

Cancelling a non-refundable ticket

If you have purchased a non refundable ticket then there are a lot of cases in which you get the full refund. And in some cases your charge of cancellation will be deducted from the flight cost. If there is any remaining value left that will be provided through the e-credit. It can be used for purchase of any other ticket.

How can one cancel a non refundable ticket?

If you want to cancel the non refundable ticket then for that you need to follow the following steps:

  • Ensure that you cancel the tickets before your departure.
  • Go to my trips section and find your trip.
  • Select the trip that you want to cancel.
  • Moreover, when you find the trip that you are willing to cancel, click on the cancel button.
  • The flight cancellation process will start.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees is not applicable for booking the following:

  • Delta main cabin
  • Delta main cabin tickets and above for the tickets from United States, Europe, Africa, Caribbean and anywhere else in the world.
  • Basic economy tickets are not included in this.

Cancellation charges

If your ticket is not included in the policy of cancellation fees, such as if you have basic economy tickets then for that you are required to pay charges of $99. It even depends upon the itinerary and you will find the remaining value of ticket in your hand. The expiration date of the e-credit depends on the terms of the ticket and the applicable fee waivers.

What is the process for cancelling a refundable ticket?

If you are willing to cancel your flight due to any change in the plans then you can apply for the full refund. Also be sure that you cancel your flights prior to the departure of the flight.

  • It is important that you cancel the tickets before the departure.
  • Go to the my trips section and from there you can go to the find your trip.
  • Select the flights that you are willing to cancel.
  • Here you will find the cancellation button.
  • Start flight cancellation option will help you to cancel the flight easily and accessibly.

Applying for a refund

You can go to the my trips section. From here you can request for the refund for the flight that you have cancelled.

Also, the tickets can be purchased with a credit card, cheque or cash as well.

Check the refund status

If you are requesting a refund for the upcoming trip, then you can check the refund status for the same.

  • If there is a flight cancellation possible or there is a significant delay in the flights, then your tickets will be converted into the e-credit. There are many instances where you become eligible for the refund. The non refundable tickets are for unused trip purchases. You need to note that the tickets that you get are mostly non refundable. Once, you have submitted the request, after that you can fill your refund eligibility.
  • If you have cancelled the flight already then, if you want refund to the original mode of payment then you can complete the travel forms.
  • If you had to boom a new flight because your original flight got delayed, then you can avail the refund by going to my trips section.

The users need to be aware of the fact that they can get refunds for:

  • Non refundable tickets which have experienced flight cancellation.
  • Tickets availed from the third party apps and agencies
  • Tickets which are used for your travel


It is seen that the users have to incur the transportation, meal expenses, and hotel prices due to the cancellation. So, you can submit the request for reimbursement. Onbce you have submitted the request for that you can determine the eligibility and update the status.

Also, once you have submitted the request, theeligibility will be determined, and the status will be updated.

24 Hour Risk free Cancellation

As per the customer commitment you can book directly your tickets with To cancel your tickets within 24 hours risk free follow the following:

  • Firstly find your trip.
  • Then go to the my trips section.
  • After that you need to cancel your trip.
  • And keep that in mind and note that basic economy tickets cannot be changed.

How long will it take to refund?

All the requests of refund are imposed with the penalties and there you can avail the refund. Your itinerary can be cancelled at any point of time and you can get the refund.

Moreover, there is extra effort from the team within the 7 business days. Moreover, once it is done, there are two business cycles which are carried on for the refund process. E-credits appear in your account on and you can even details using the ticket number.

So, it is recommended that you book with the delta airlines to get the best tickets for your flights and the best offers, deals and services.

Decide your itinerary beforehand, so that you can book your tickets before hand. Also, delta group booking will be of great advantage to you in terms of prices, deals and offers.

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