Delta airlines minor policy


If you are a parent and worried for how can your kids travel here, then you should be aware of the fact that the Delta airlines minor policy allows you to get the benefit of taking them along.

The unaccompanied minor policy in Delta airlines talks about the special services that are provided to the children who range from 5 to 14 years of age. Airlines provides them with the trackable barcoded wristbands and you can even get access to the Sky Zone lounge. The delta is one of the best and safe for your kid to travel. If you want to travel with your kids safely then this would be the best way for you to avail the best.

Important points to know if you are travelling with minor

If you are travelling with your kids or you want them to travel alone, then for that you need to be aware of the minor policy.

  • The minor program is eligible for the minors who are of the age group 5-14 years.
  • Those who are of the age 4 or younger, then the unaccompanied minor policy does not apply.
  • When you are talking about Delta airlines, the children of the age group 5-7 years can travel the non stop flight and their fees is $150 for every trip.
  • If we talk about the delta unaccompanied minor fee, then for that you need to pay certain amount of fee to make your child fly.
  • Kids between the age of 8-14 years need to travel on connecting flights non stop. If your child is between the age group of 15-17 years then they can travel without enrolling in the program as well.
  • So, make sure that you are preparing your child in advance to take this flight.
  • The above mentioned minor policy is compulsory and make sure that your child is safe.

How much is the fees for Delta minor?

For delta airlines there are some fees that is charged from you to take your children on the flight. The flight attendants can take care of your kids throughout and they will surely bring them back safely. Additional fees is charged from the adults. The unaccompanied minor fee has to be paid compulsorily for the kids who are of the age 5-14.

Delta lies in the middle and you get a rate of $15 extra for each flight. The cost depends on the kind of ticket that you book.

How can you book the unaccompanied minor travel program?

As per the Delta airlines minor policy, you need to confirm your child’s booking and you can call the airline for the same. You can give a call at the number 800-325-8847 so that you can make sure that your kids travel hassle free and with correct documentation.

You can get in touch with the delta airlines representative easily. There is a 4 digit pin configuration that you receive if you make any changes to your itinerary. The assigned agent will be assisting you so that you can complete the booking procedure in the best way possible.

What documents are needed for the unaccompanied minor?

If you have an unaccompanied minor then, for that the kid will be assigned with the wristband that he has to wear and his/her movement can be traced easily. Moreover, there is documentation for this, and you can carry the documents to accompany the unaccompanied minor.

  • You can bring an ID with photo, passport and license.
  • Get an address proof and a similar photo ID.
  • A contact number that is working needs to be filled here.
  • Also, add the name, address and phone number of the adult that will be accompanying the minor to the destination.

What are the rules for unaccompanied minors?

  • You need to tell the kids to talk to the executives if they need to take any sort of help.
  • Also, remind them, that they do not have to leave the gate area, until the Delta official is there.
  • Also, tell your kids that they bring along certain books, snacks and stuff for entertainment while they are travelling.
  • Also, carry a backpack so that they do not leave anything behind.
  • Your kid needs to have an ID card and you can check out the address proof attached here for knowing your kids identity.
  • You also need to send your kid with a big checked suitcase which can be easily carried by the kid on the flight.
  • The kid is offered trackable wristbands and it helps you to navigate the movement and activities of your kids.
  • The minors are eligible to the domestic and international flights.
  • There is a delta flight official that is assigned so that you can take care of your kid. The delta official will accompany your minor and throughout the flight your kid is safe.
  • The sky zone lounge is also available for the kids at Delta airlines and it will keep your kids busy. They can easily interact and play with the Sky zone lounge in their leisure time.
  • So, make sure that your kid knows about these tips and you can follow them.

Minors travelling without parent

If your minor or kid is travelling without the parent with the delta airlines that you can get special assistance from the airlines. Delta offers the unaccompanied minors special service throughout the journey. There is a dedicated escort that will help you to navigate the airport, connect the flights, board the flight. During the flight, the child can be easily seated in the concerned area and the delta staff will ensure the safety as well as the comfort of the kid.

In case you have any queries regarding the process of minor and how you can book the tickets, then for that you can visit the official website of Delta airlines and get to know about the services offered by the Delta airlines for the minors.

So, if you are booking your flights for the minor, then it is important that you book with the Delat airlines to get the benefit of delta airlines minor policy.

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